The musical partnership of the Scottish Pipes and Fiddle is one that is quintessentially and historically Hebridean.  Jamie MacDonald and Christian Gamauf have taken this format and incorporated infuences from places such as Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and Asturius in the north of Spain, putting their own stamp on the music.

Jamie and Christian met while living and studying on the Isles of Uist and began playing together at local concerts and events. After travelling to Asturius on a musical and cultural exchange project, along with performances at Ceol on the Croft, Celtic Connections and Celtic Colours Festivals, the duo started working on their Debut Album, The Pipe Slang.

The album features the traditional music of the Hebrides and includes songs from Tiree as well as self-penned material and tunes from further afield. Guesting on the lead vocals is Jamie’s twin sister Anna MacDonald who alongside, Jack McRobbie on Guitar, Cape Bretoner Adam Young on Piano, Anna-Wendy Stevenson on Viola and Step Dancer Sophie Stevenson, join the duo making for a driving and authentic album.

Since its release The Pipe Slang has received widespread critical acclaim and has been longlisted for Album of the year at the Scots Trad Awards 2018.



Piper Christian Gamauf is from the village of Loipersbach in rural Austria. Discovering traditional Scottish music through a local pipe band, Christian relocated to the Isles of Uist and surrounded himself with the famed and deep-rooted piping traditions of the area. Having also spent time on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Christian’s style of playing draws on both the Hebridean and Cape Breton styles. Winning the Glasgow University’s Commun Oiseanach Piping Competition in 2016, Christian is fast making a name for himself with his notably melodic way of playing.






Fiddler Jamie MacDonald is a native of the Isle of Tiree and has grown up immersed in the music and culture of the island. Fluent in Gaelic, Jamie’s repertoire of Puirt-a-beul and old Highland tunes is complemented by his understanding of the Gaelic song tradition which colours his music. He plays with a distinct island style and can often be found at the crux of the Ceilidh or helm of the Horo-gheallaidh! Jamie is also a member of the Dùn Mòr Ceilidh Band and Folk band Eabhal.